This will be a rather brief report due to the restrictions put on everyone by Covid 19. But at least we did manage to get together and hold 5 meetings. But better than previous year!

I think it makes us realize how important our library is to all users when we are faced with shutdowns and closures. But our dedicated staff managed to cope with the many difficulties thrown upon them, with their usual efficient and cheerful man- ner. I know it was distressing for them to see their devoted borrowers sometimes denied access to use of the Library. We thank Delia, Leanne and Sam for their con- tinued service to borrowers and to the wider community. They make our Library a very special place.

We did manage 2 books sales. I would like to thank Petra for all her hard work— even when she was recovering from surgery. Petra does a mighty job and I am ex- tremely indebted to her. Also to all the other stoic helpers who turn up to put out and pack away the many boxes of books, and to all those members who roster themselves on to sell over the three days. The sales were very successful and I think really appreciated by the community—who enjoyed having an enjoyable activ- ity! I would also like to thank the Shire guys who turn up on setting up day and carry boxes from the cupboard to tables. This is very necessary assistance to avoid members moving heavy boxes. Thanks to Library staff for liaising with Shire to pro- vide this help.

The Short Story competition was successful again this with 60 writers entering sto- ries. We were delighted that this years winner was a local writer—Jan Wallis from Lakes Entrance. Jan has been a previous winner and a place getter another year. The other place getters were from Wallan and St.Kilda. The judges once com- mented on the good standard of writing. Thank you to our wonderful judges, who each year are willing to carry out the judging of the stories. We are so fortunate to have three such experienced and congenial judges.

Thank you to Paul Mlynarz of Bairnsdale Web Design who keeps our web page up to date and always is willing to make information changes at sometimes short no- tice—when I get dates a little mixed up! Paul is also constructing us a new look web page. Thanks Paul.

Thank you to Meg Lambert who is the correspondent for Great Eastern Mail who has been very helpful giving FOPL very generous editorial when I have sent articles about our proposed afternoon talks.

Because of the restrictions we were not able to make any purchases for Library, but we did donate $150.00 to the Cancer appeal.

I hope things settle down a bit next year and we can return to our usual meetings and activities.

Thank you to all the loyal members for supporting FOPL during the disrupted year. Finally, thank you to our Office-Bearers—Di— for her support as Vice President, Petra, Secretary—who always does a great job as well as organising the book sales and Jan who likewise does a magnificent job in keeping the financials organized and presented to meetings. Thanks to Beryl for organizing movie rosters and refresh- ments for movies and book sales. I am indeed fortunate to have such valued help- ers, as well as all members who are always willing to chip in.

Here’s to a more fruitful 2022 and best wishes to new office-bearers.



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